Say what now? our top 10 slang from the 80’s

Let’s travel back to the 80’s when we spoke a whole other language. Kids of these days might think.. what are you saying? Let’s educate them in the slang from a colorful yet sometimes weird generation. These are our picks of the day! Tell me your favorite.


slang term for something extreme. Used in bad and good cases.

“That was a fucking gnarly wreck man, that dudes head flew off.”

bill and ted


wiggity-wiggity-whack; bullshit; unfortunate; silly; unbelievable; not genuine; the opposite of excellent

Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan: “Bogus!”


a description of an action or thing which is especially impressive.

“Did you see Tony Hawk pull off the 900? It was a radical move.”


used to describe something terrible or very bad.
also, used to describe something most outrageous, and awesome… gnarley

See ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure; or ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.’

“Dude, could you believe Mrs. Miller gave us a ‘pop-quiz’?”
“I know, bra, that was most heinous.”

“Dude, did you hear that rip I just improved?”
“Yeah Dude, most heinous.”

Gag me with a spoon

An exclamation that describes displeasure on the part of the speaker due to something being distasteful or otherwise sickening or displeasure. From valspeak, so somewhat archaic. Usage these days is considered silly.

“Oh, gag me with a spoon! Look at the zits all over that nerd’s face!”

80s hiphop


to mean it is acceptable and highly approved by someone.
Orgin: Hiphop Mid 80’s Ny

“Those are some fresh shoes!”
“Lets go to Darrels Shop they got fresher records down there”.


A word that describes something that is extremely cool, such as music, clothes, people, etc.

“Yo foo that new stereo system is dope!”

To the max

An expression to further define something done with great vigor.

“We shouldn’t bother them because they’re getting it on to the MAX!!! Oh, by the way get my camcorder.”


Guys with IQ higher than your weight. You made fun of them when you were at school but you would be lucky if you get employed as janitors in their businesses.

“I am a nerd and proud of it.”


To retract your previous statement, in an attempt to fool the person you’re talking/chatting to.

“I hate you… PSYCH! you’re awesome!”

source Urban Dictionary

Klymaxx ‎– The Maxx Is Back


The Maxx Is Back 4:50
Good Love 5:46
Private Party 4:01
When You Kiss Me 6:36
Finishing Touch 4:22
Girls Chasing Boys 5:10
Don’t Mess With My Man 5:30
Shame 4:52
Don’t Run Away 5:13
She’s A User 5:22
Good Love [Extended Hype Club Vibe] 6:42

Klymaxx ‎– Klymaxx


Sexy 7:34
Fab Attack 5:33
Divas Need Love Too 5:16
I’d Still Say Yes 4:40
Fashion 6:36
Danger Zone 4:32
Long Distance Love Affair 3:22
Come Back 6:28
Man Size Love 5:40

Klymaxx ‎– Meeting In The Ladies Room


The Men All Pause 7:10
Lock And Key 5:37
I Miss You 5:32
Just Our Luck 4:27
Meeting In The Ladies Room 5:15
Video Kid 3:42
Ask Me No Questions 3:37
Love Bandit 5:06
I Betcha 3:36

Klymaxx ‎– Girls Will Be Girls


Girls Will Be Girls 6:09
Wild Girls 6:01
Convince Me 5:15
The Man In My Life 5:27
Heartbreaker (I’m Such A Mess) 4:27
All Turned Out 4:54
Offer I Can’t Refuse 4:51
If You Love Me 5:11
Don’t Hide Your Love 4:11

Klymaxx ‎– Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman


All Fired Up 6:19
I Wish You Would (Tell Me Something Good) 4:38
I Want To Love You Tonight 5:06
You’re The Greatest 4:02
Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman 5:08
The Beat Of My Heart (Is For You) 5:43
No Words 4:22
Can’t Let Love Just Pass Me By 4:48

Klymaxx – Good Love

Klymaxx – I’d Still Say Yes

Klymaxx – Man size love

Klymaxx – I Miss You