Amsterdamned (1988)


A mysterious diver hiding in Amsterdam's canal system embarks on a rampage of gruesome murders, terrifying city officials and leaving few clues for the city's best detective, who doesn't suspect that both his new girlfriend and twelve-year-old daughter may be closer than he is to finding the killer. Director: Dick…


Ultra Force (1989)


Three female cops form a special unit and get their main witness out of the clutches of a gang. The witness holds the key to Chu Chung Sing, a gang-lord who runs a night-club. They will have to face a ruthless but sentimental killer. Director: Chun-Ku Lu (as Jun Go Lui)…


Moon 44 (1990)


In 2038, Earth's mineral resources are drained, there are space fights for the last deposits on other planets and satellites. This is the situation when one of the bigger mining corporations has lost many mineral moons except one and many of their fully automatic mining robots are disappearing on their…


Battletruck (1982)


Post World War III futuristic tale of collapsed governments & bankrupt countries heralding a new lawless age. Director: Harley Cokeliss (as Harley Cokliss) Writers: Michael Abrams (story), Irving Austin (screenplay) Stars: Michael Beck, Annie McEnroe, James Wainwright


Flashpoint (1984)


Two Texas border guards, a young hotshot and his older and more cynical partner, find a jeep buried for 20 years in the desert, with a skeleton, a scoped rifle, and a box with $800,000 in cash. They decide to keep the money, but quietly check up on the cryptic…


Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1990)


An alien "policeman" arrives on Earth to apprehend a renegade of his own race who impregnates a woman with a potentially destructive mutant embryo. Director: Damian Lee Writer: Damian Lee Stars: Jesse Ventura, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Damian Lee


The Final Option (1982)


When SAS Captain Peter Skellen is thrown out of the service for gross misconduct due to unnecessary violence and bullying, he is soon recruited by The People's Lobby, a fanatical group aiming to hold several US dignitaries hostage. But Skellen's dismissal is a front to enable him to get close…


Goku: Midnight Eye II (1989)


In the opening sequence, Goku takes on a sex trafficker with metal leg who's luring in naive pretty young women who believe that he's a top music producer who's looking for the next big thing. In the main storyline, a woman's brother has been turned into an extremely powerful and…


Goku Midnight Eye (1989)


Episode 1: In the near future of 2014, Goku, a former police detective turned private eye, is investigating a mysterious string of apparent suicides of a special police unit investigating a ruthless weapons merchant. In his aggressive style, Goku almost joins that list, but he mysteriously survives and receives a…


The Secret of the Sword (1985)


After experiencing traumatic nightmares of a time now past, the Sorceress summons Prince Adam and Cringer to Castle Grayskull to give Adam a precious, jeweled sword and send the pair to the planet Etheria to investigate its secrets. Unsure of what they are expected to find, the Prince and his…


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